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Bloomsbury reveals new look for adult editions of Harry Potter book series

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From Bloomsbury --

Bloomsbury Publishing is delighted to reveal the new look for the first three adult editions of the Harry Potter titles. The editions will be available for the first time in paperback B format.

J.K. Rowling’s universally popular books have been read and enjoyed by millions of readers across all ages. The adult editions were first published in 2004 and the newly designed livery will appeal to the next generation of readers with its fresh and contemporary feel.

The first three jackets will be available from 18th July 2013, followed by the next two on 15th August 2013 and the final two on 26th September 2013. A boxed set containing all seven jackets will be available in October 2013. The jackets will be revealed as part of the new Harry Potter Books Facebook page on Friday 28th June –

The new illustrations are woodcut images by renowned artist Andrew Davidson. Andrew studied Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art and has worked with a wide range of clients. His work has been commissioned for Royal Mail postage stamps, designs for the glass doors at Wimbledon’s Centre Court and he has previously illustrated the cover of Ted Hughes classic The Iron Giant.

Working on the covers Andrew said: “I wanted the illustrations to feel as if they had come from the pages of an old book, taken from the library at Hogwarts”

Val Brathwaite, Children’s Design Director at Bloomsbury also said: “We had discussed Andrew Davidson’s work on previous occasions, thinking that his beautiful woodcuts would be perfect for a more sophisticated, rendition of the scenes. The overall impression was to create a harmony between the illustration, type and the bright colours, to give a contemporary look with a classic appeal” 



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