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JK Rowling's Lumos charity petition against children's institutions

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Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and her children's charity Lumos are fighting to keep European children out of institutions. You can help simply by signing Jo's petition.




One million children need your help. Please take action to ensure that no child in Europe has to grow up in an institution. Sign our petition:



We want to make sure every child in Europe can grow up in a caring family environment. This is why the petition calls on the European Parliament, Council and Commission to ensure that European Union structural funds are used for the transition from institutional to family and community-based services. You can sign it here:


Why is this important?

In the past, European Union funds have been used for renovating existing institutions, or building new ones. This prolongs the time children have to live this way. Institutions deny children individual love and care and can damage their brain development. We need to make sure these vital funds are instead used to develop family and community-based services for children.


Why now?

As you read this, a crucial process is taking place in Europe: the funding that the European Union will provide for health, education and social services for the next seven years is currently being negotiated. This is a key moment to put pressure on European decision-makers to ensure this money is spent on the services children need so they can be looked after in caring family environments. Please sign the petition today


How else can I help?

Please email your friends and family to tell them about the petition by sending them this link or share it on Facebook or Twitter. The more people who sign this petition, the more powerful our message to the European Union will be.


There are one million children missing from our communities, hidden away in institutions. Help us bring them home. Please sign the petition:


Thank you for your support.


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